Skulptur i Pilane 2022


PICNIC Feel free to bring your own picnic hamper to Pilane but you may not sit on or next to the sculptures as this may disturb other visitors. Keep in mind that it is absolutely forbidden to feed the sheep. Picnic in the Pilane Museum Café seating area is not allowed.

NO SMOKING OR LIGHTING OF FIRES Camp fires and barbecues are prohibited in the exhibition area and parking zones. It is also prohibited to smoke or throw cigarette stubs in the exhibition area.

SECURITY Visitors are responsible for their own safety. As a parent you are responsible for your children's safety as well as the well-being of the sculptures. It is forbidden to climb on the sculptures. It is also forbidden to climb on gates and fences surrounding the area. Be aware that the upper part of the fence is energized.

ACCESSIBILITY The exhibition area is not a park and it lacks prepared roads. You are responsible for your own safety. Sturdy shoes are recommended, and wellies for wet rainy weather. Some areas are quite steep and in order to reach some of the artworks you should have good stamina and mobility. From the central part of the exhibition visitors with less mobility will be able to see most of the sculptures.

DOGS Dogs may also be interested in art and dogs on a leash are allowed to visit the exhibition. Of course, you need to bring plastic bags to pick up any remnants.

ENVIRONMENT Help keep the park clean. No littering. There are no bins in the exhibition area.

DO NOT PICK THE FLOWERS Pilane is a protected nature reserve and historic monument. Therefore, you may not pick any flowers in the area.

TOILETS Toilets are located in the parking lot.