Skulptur i Pilane 2022


12.000 år years ago. Pilane was covered by a one-kilometer thick blanket of ice.

10.000 år years ago. Some of the ice sheet had melted and the high sections of Pilane stood above water. Reindeer hunters followed flocks of reindeers grazing at the edges of the inland ice.

4.500 år years ago. Farming Stone Age. Traces of seasonal settlements can be found where the parking area is situated today. Among other things, there have been finds of Funnel beaker pottery – ornate and very beautiful. Enormous shell banks were created, giving Pilane the calcium soil that has enabled today’s rich variety in species.

3.000 år years ago. Bronze Age. Ceramic artefacts have been found near today’s parking area, which was a beach back then. The nearby rock carving with 15 ships dates back to this time.

2.000 år years ago. A large settlement was active at Pilane. The grave sites contain about 90 visible graves dating back to 500 BC - 1000 AD. The graves date from the Roman Iron, and the Migration Age. There are also stone circles known as "Judges Rings" used as court loci.

Present. Archaeological excavations have revealed that Pilane was not just a settlement and burial place, but furthermore a social and cultural meeting place. Pilane's function as a meeting place is also the focus today. In the prehistoric grave-field surroundings, the sculpture exhibition has been displaying art works by leading artists from all over the globe since 2007. New works of art are presented each summer.

Sculpture in Pilane is a private, independent and non-commercial initiative run by Pilane Heritage Museum.